High Green is founded in 1994 and made name as professional case supplier.
Where most computers were made inside a boring grey box High Green came up with a line of nice looking cases like for example to model with hydraulic slyding door.
After the AT-period ATX cases followed in all kind of colors and later in aluminium. Customers also found their way to us because of our wide range of powersupplies, coolers and mobile racks.

In the summer of 2002 the first Mini-ITX cases appeared in our product range High Green phased out the ATX line and became a true specialist in the small form factor cases from manufacturer Morex.

Meanwhile the range of Mini-ITX cases has grown and new case models will be fitting the requirements as demanded these days.

High Green works with a small team to be able to serve you optimally.
We offer our service and fine products in a friendly atmosphere.